Ink Spot Tattoo

Grande Prairie's premier Tattoo Studio.
Quality and Safety are our #1 priority.
It's an honor that our clients allow us to mark their bodies for life. We endeavor to give them the best that we can do. 
 We believe that Tattoo artists should be comfortable in a variety of styles. Come down for a consultation and we can help find the right artist for your ideas.
Please DO YOUR RESEARCH! While we love to do them, a large part of our business is still doing cover-ups/fixes.


Shop Rates
James - $200/hr + GST
Shop Minimum - $100 + GST
A $25 set up fee is charged at every appointment.
*Please Note* We do not offer a day rate, it is by the hour only.

No Exception Deposit Policy
Minimum deposits are $200 
Deposits are to be paid prior to each appointment and will go towards your total. Cancellations are to be made with 72 hours notice or your deposit is non-refundable.

It is our shop policy that all clients must be at least 18 years of age to be tattooed, regardless of parental consent.
No ID = No Tattoo

*PLEASE NOTE* Due to the nature of the skin on hands and fingers, any and all hand and finger tattoos are NOT guaranteed. Therefore, touch-ups WILL come at a cost. Please speak to your artist about any concerns.

Thank you for your understanding!

  1. Celeste was amazing. I was traveling from Toronto and she was incredible, quick, clean, and accurate. The next time I'm in Grande Prairie I will definitely come back to her. Absolutely love my piece.
    Matthew D.
  2. Best tattoo shop in town in my opinion. James and Celeste are great artists! I was very comfortable while getting the best tattoo I have on my body from James. Looking forward to my next appointment. James and Celeste have a good following in town are booked up but the wait is worth it.
    Colin D.
  3. Place was nice and clean. Celeste was awesome to deal with. Our original consultan went great and I booked my sleeve right away. Cant wait to see what she comes up with and get it started
    Adrian H.
  4. By far the best place to get a tattoo. Their experience, knowledge and talent are by far the best you'll find in northwest Canada. Got my first tattoo done here as a memorial, I picked realism black and grey and they absolutely nailed it. now I just can't stop lol. The atmosphere, how clean the shop is and the way they work with their equipment (new needles out of the sealed packages and gloves every time) definitely makes you feel comfortable. I'll definitely be back for more!
    Denis P.
  5. Such amazing staff! They are all so friendly and so talented, and went above and beyond in making mine and my friend's tattoos and experience amazing. Couldn't imagine going to anyone else in Grande Prairie besides Celeste. She is so sweet and so incredibly talented, could never have asked for more! Will definitely be back in the future with another idea for her :)
    Hannah L.
  6. Got my first tattoo at this shop was so amazing of a experience will be back many more times.
    Dakota R.
  7. Everyone was super nice, funny and entertaining! Celeste is amazing at what she does and did a phenomenal job on my tattoo. Couldn't have asked for a better experience!
    Lauren R
  8. I came in five years ago for a sleeve of Masonic symbolism. James was very enthusiastic to work on my project. You can tell that he appreciates great art and design. He takes a lot of pride in his work and I appreciate his opinion to keep things original.
    Josh B.
  9. Very professional, James puts a lot of work into his art and will discuss your tattoo at length with you
    Michael D.
  10. Started my sleeve with Celeste today and I am absolutely in love with it! She is a great artist and had lots of ideas and designs to bring my tattoo ideas together into a work of art.
    Kirsten N.
  11. Great place they do awesome work. Friendly people.
    Jamie S.
  12. James creates perfect art! Handcrafted no tracing no cookie cutter works of art!
    Shantyl S.
  13. Booked a surprise Birthday present for my sister-n-law. Shop was great, James was very easy going, friendly, easy to talk to guy. Sister-n-law is very happy with her end results. All in a decent time. Thanks for making her want come true finally after all these years.
    Nicole S.
  14. Love, love, LOVE my new tattoo! Celeste did an amazing job and it turned out even better than I was expecting!!
    Cayla D.
  15. I got tattooed by Celeste at the Calgary Tattoo Convention on Friday. And all I have to say is that I had the most amazing experience/time! Celeste was so kind and so sweet. She made me feel really comfortable. She made the time enjoyable and made it go fast with our conversations and also watching her work! The piece she was working on is not completely finished which I don't mind at all lol because I'm looking forward to getting tattooed by her again and most likely getting more piece by her in the future :) :) I am very very happy with my decision by getting tattooed by her! highly recommend!! :)
    Kaitlin J.
  16. Best team ever at The Ink Spot! Absolutely LOVE my new foot tattoo that match’s my sleeve perfectly. I love them all at The Ink Spot! Thank You 😊
    Lori W.
  17. Got my first tattoo done here by james! Its healing up great and I'm absolutely in love with it. Has a great atmosphere and a fun/hilarious team to be around. Most definitely worth the drive from Peace River.
    Amber H.


It's our awesome clients that keep us in business.

Thank you to each person who has put their trust in us and allowed us to put the art we're so passionate about on their bodies!


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Tegaderm/Trans Tatu Derm/Second Skin

Tegaderm is a transparent medical dressing manufactured by 3M. Tegaderm transparent dressings can be used to cover and protect wounds and catheter sites. Advantages of Tegaderm include its breath-ability and conformation to the skin such that it adheres in most places. 
*Note* Occasionally the second skin may fill with moisture, poke a small hole at the bottom and tape a clean absorbent paper towel, dry- lock pad, ect. to allow fluid to drain. If you are able to, please come in for a rewrap the day after your tattoo appoiantment.
Dry- Lock Pads- Are to be left on for a minimum of 4 hours and proceed with normal after care.
When caring for your tattoo you need to carefully listen to your artist's instructions. We can proudly state that we have done extensive research on how to care for your tattoo. We will treat your tattoo as it should be treated, a 3rd degree skin abrasion. 

Once your appointment is done, your artist will wipe your tattoo down with a great antimicrobial skin cleanser and will inform you on proper aftercare practices. If you don't have allergies, your artist will then place some Tegaderm (also known as "second Skin") on your tattoo which will increase the healing time exceedingly by allowing the skin to breathe, while also keeping out dirt and debris. Your Tegaderm will be left on for 3-4 days or as long as you can keep in on. 

You can live life fairly normally with Tegaderm as it is waterproof (stays on in the bath or shower) and seals out water, dirt, and germs to help prevent infection.
When you remove your Tegaderm, run under warm water, lather gently with a non-scented, mild soap to remove blood and pat dry with a clean towel or paper towel. Gently rub a light amount of antibiotic ointment into the tattoo. DO NOT re-wrap your tattoo.
For the following 2 weeks no baths, hot tubs, swimming pools, sun tanning, or fake & baking. If you must bath  DO NOT submerge the tattoo for extended periods of time, as this will drown your tattoo and your body will reject the damaged skin.

Always put ointment on sparingly! It is possible to over care for your tattoo, too much ointment or over washing can smother/ drown your tattoo, causing the ink of the tattoo to fall out. Remember less is more, a light application of the ointment a few times a day will be all that is needed.

We have had the best results using Bacitracine products for after care, such as Bacitracine, Ozonal Plus, or Life Brand Antibiotic Ointment. 
Never use Vaseline, as this  clogs the pores and prolongs the healing process. Your new tattoo needs to breathe in order to heal quickly. Triple Action or Fast Healing Polysporin promotes healing too fast, causing your body to reject the tattoo.



Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Wednesday - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Thursday - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Friday - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday - Closed

Tuesday - Saturday at 9:00 AM Please call the shop to book.
10215 102 Street, Grande Prairie