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James Denny

Rate:  $200/hr + GST; Shop Minimum - $100 + GST

James Denny is the owner and operator of Ink Spot Tattoo. He has been tattooing since 2005. He is a well rounded artist that is comfortable in any style. He is most well known for his realism in both black & grey and colour. James has won multiple awards in realism, black & grey, colour, new school, neo traditional, before & after and more. James loves to take on challenging projects. His attention to detail is superb.

James thanks his many tutor's and colleagues that have helped him through the years including Randy Engelhard, Steve Peace, Dinnie Lavers, Will Woods, Chiwon An, Lindsey Pergentile, Joey Hamilton and Big Ceeze. James still strives to be better everyday, reimagining and learning his craft.

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Kate Connors
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Rate:  $200/hr + GST; Shop Minimum - $100 + GST

​Kate got into the tattoo industry back in 2003. After working in other studios and running her own for 8 years, Kate has come from Nova Scotia to Grande Prairie. She specializes in portraits and realism, both colour and black and white, but loves to do tattoos of all shapes, sizes, and styles.
She dabbles in other types of art, such as painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture. 
Kate is grateful for the opportunity to create artwork to last you a lifetime, and would be happy to work with you!

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Myke Rose

Rate: $175/hr + GST; Shop Minimum - $100 + GST

Myke has been tattooing for 3 years. He is a well rounded artist that specializes in illustrative black and grey tattoos. Myke loves to work closely with clients to bring their concept to life while providing artistic influence.

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Jenn is considered the best and brightest when it comes to piercers in the Peace Region. She has 8 years of experience as a piercer. Ensuring client safety and comfort is extremely important to Jenn. Her knowledge and patience ensures that her clients always leave happy. Her expertise, experience and client first attitude has made Jenn a fantastic addition to the Ink Spot family.

Please contact Jenn via her website to determine pricing for your desired piercing, and to book your appointments!


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Jenn Hatfield
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Artist Portfolios

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Myke's Gallery
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